Why do cats go for the owner to the bathroom?

Why do cats go for the owner to the bathroom 1

Sometimes the behavior of cats defies any explanation – they sleep in boxes, then crazy people rush around the apartment for no reason or “bleat” at the sight of birds and squirrels. But there is another curious feature that is inherent in tailed hunters – many cats follow the owners to the bathroom.

If everything is clear with the kitchen and bedroom – the cats know that they are fed in the kitchen, and in the bedroom you can sleep sweetly in an embrace with a warm two-legged giant, then questions arise about the bathroom.

There is a theory that in some bathrooms there is a cat tray, and often a person goes to the bathroom at the exact moment when the cat is impatient. There is also an option that the bathroom is warmer than in the other rooms. You may have seen photos of cats who like to lie in the sinks – in the bathroom is usually warm, and the sink is conveniently bent under the body of the animal. Many more cats like to play with a trickle of water from the tap, and any person who goes to the bathroom is regarded as the key to fun.

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