Why contact lenses are better than glasses

For a person, the health of his eyes means a lot. Unfortunately, good eyesight is becoming increasingly rare – and the number of diseases that prevent us from seeing increases.

Why contact lenses are better than glasses 1

Technology also does not stand still. Once people smiled with pince-nez, now glasses not only carry their main function, but are also a fashion accessory, giving a special style to a person. People with good eyesight also wear glasses – for protection from the sun or dust when driving or from the light of oncoming cars.

New chapter in vision correction

The idea of ​​contact lenses is not new, it was first expressed by Leonardo da Vinci in the XVI century. They realized it after almost four centuries, but the real breakthrough began when the first soft contact lenses appeared in the middle of the last century. They did not cause irritation, contained water, which allowed the cornea to obtain the necessary oxygen.

What is the advantage over traditional glasses?

Aesthetically and psychologically, it is more pleasant for a person to be without glasses than with glasses.
This method of correcting vision is even better, because there is no distance from the eye to the light refracting material.
The viewing angle in this case is the same as that of a healthy person; no rim interferes, you can look away with your eyes, and not turn your head.
By entering from a frost into a warm room, a person with glasses literally “blinded” for a while, because the glass is misted.

Why contact lenses are better than glasses 3

In defense of contact vision correction

To date, objections against the lenses are almost gone. Wearing them does not cause discomfort, care is not complicated and ensures safety. You can use daily, and then care for them is not needed at all, just wear new ones every day.

Lenses – a very individual thing, the choice of which must be approached responsibly. Be sure to need an ophthalmologist who will help you choose the right option and teach you the basics. Prices for them today have become quite reasonable.

Why contact lenses are better than glasses 2

By selecting the appropriate parameters with your doctor, you can make further orders yourself. The price range, as well as the choice of the manufacturer, is huge.

Drivers thanks to the correct selection of contact lenses get better visibility and safety. Carnival models or models with a different eye color are also gaining popularity; they help a person to reincarnate in order to be most fully realized in life.

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