What to take on a plane if you have children

The aircraft is a very convenient and fast mode of transport for moving long distances. However, traveling with children can turn into a complex and uncomfortable process. To avoid this, correctly collected hand luggage, appropriate to the age and interests of the child.

What to take on a plane if you have children

You will need:

  • – lollipops;
  • – nasal drops in the nose;
  • – paper handkerchiefs;
  • – antibacterial wipes;
  • – diapers;
  • – absorbent diaper;
  • – nipples;
  • – baby food;
  • – warm clothing;
  • – games by age;
  • – movies, books, cartoons.


  1. During the flight, children of all ages face the same problems as adults. The main discomfort is taking off and landing of the ship: many children begin to lay their ears, as a result of which they can scream and cry loudly. This feature of the flight can not be avoided, but you can easily alleviate the condition of children. The best option is to take them food. If the child is very small, give him a breast or bottle. Older children, hand lollipops or candy on a stick. Sucking movements will avoid laying ears, and young passengers almost never feel discomfort. A shawl flavored with a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil will also help.
  2. Be prepared that there may be difficulties with infants. For example, a baby may refuse to eat or drink. In this case, experts recommend using vasoconstrictive drops before takeoff / landing. A good alternative would be a regular nipple.
  3. When traveling with a very small child, take all the necessary hygiene products on the plane. In this case, diapers are required (the number vary depending on the duration of the flight), disinfecting wet wipes, paper handkerchiefs, waterproof and regular diapers. This kit will allow you to easily perform the necessary manipulations in a special toilet of the aircraft. If the baby eats an artificial mixture, be sure to take it with you on board. Baby food can be carried in any required quantity. Another option: dilute the dry mixture directly on board, asking the staff for warm water. Also, take on a warm hat that covers the ears, socks / booties, sweater, so that the child does not catch a cold due to a possible draft from the window. For entertainment, one or two rattles will be enough for an infant.
  4. A different set of hand luggage is necessary if your baby is already more active (from 9-10 months). In addition to warm clothes, special food and diapers, these children need numerous toys. Their choice depends on the passions of the child. These can be bright books, soft puzzles, plasticine, cartoons, coloring books, etc. It is great if you have several different ideas on how to entertain a child on board.
  5. Even older children often prefer to entertain themselves. However, in this case, you need to carefully prepare for the flight. Be sure to take the plane underwear and clothes for the shift and a minimum of drugs (for example, for abdominal pain and motion sickness). Also prepare the “program” in advance: download interesting games / movies / cartoons to your tablet or computer, pick up an interesting book and board game. So you can avoid the boring flight and have a great time on the plane with the child.

Liquid carrier rate, check with the carrier. As a rule, for kids it is not limited. But do not be surprised if during the inspection you are asked to take a little drink from each bottle.

Helpful advice
When collecting, be careful: you cannot carry toy weapons (from any materials), plastic knives / forks / knitting needles, designers with metal parts on board. Also, do not carry loud and musical toys.

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