What kind of husband is good?

In the modern world, keeping a family is becoming more difficult, and young people are increasingly asking themselves: how to find a good husband or good wife? The answer lies in the fact that we are investing in the concepts of “good husband” and “good wife”, because satisfaction with the result, that is, will depend directly on our expectations. in this case, satisfaction with relationships in marriage.

What kind of husband is good?

In order for a marriage to be strong, both spouses must fulfill their duties with high quality, appreciate and respect each other’s efforts to ensure a happy family life. To do this, they must understand the roles and responsibilities of each other, as well as the difficulties involved, in order to support each other in difficult times. So, a husband or wife can be called “good” with full responsibility if he or she performs his or her direct duties with high quality. The remaining actions of the spouse are desirable and, by and large, should be perceived as a nice bonus.

The direct duties of the husband include:

1. Financial support for the family. That man is called to earn money to ensure the existence of his wife and children. And his wife should help him to properly allocate the finances, in time to talk about financial needs and learn to live within our means. In the extreme case, the wife, of course, can also go to work, but the main responsibility for the material support of the family lies with her husband.

Advice: before agreeing to get married, discuss with your chosen one the moments of making money and simulate various financial situations in the future family.

2. Ensuring family safety. A man is also called to be a protector of his wife and children and should be ready to fulfill this role and make his family feel at ease and protected in their own home and surrounding society. This includes, for example, the choice of an area for the purchase of housing, a place for family rest, and the provision of home security.

Advice: before agreeing to get married, discuss with your chosen one the conditions of residence and rest of the family, simulate various emergency situations and ways to solve them. Analyze whether you can trust this person with your life, honor and health, as well as the safety of your children.

3. Making strategic decisions for the family. Of course, in any difficult and important situations, the husband should listen to the opinion of the spouse and children, if at that time they have the right to vote in the family, however, the final word should be with him. The husband should make informed, thoughtful decisions, if possible, taking into account the wishes of other family members. It would be very good if he could explain the decision made, if it goes against the opinion of the spouse. And, of course, he and he alone is responsible for making this decision, regardless of whether it was true or not.

Advice: before agreeing to marry, consider how strong this person has authority for you, do you agree to trust him all his life to make vital decisions, how much does he listen to your opinion if there are differences on issues of principle, is he responsible for blames his decisions or blames circumstances on other people in case of failure, and how such situations are generally discussed.

These are the main duties of the husband, the failure of which will necessarily give rise to a crack in the family well-being, therefore, be sure to pay attention to this before you say the most important “yes” in your life. After all, you agree to be close to this person and share with him joys and sorrows, agree to depend on him in the field of material security, security and family development. As long as you do not agree, you are not bound by anything, but your consent means that you give this person your life and fate, so weigh everything carefully and accept the consequences.

And if your spouse responsibly and constantly performs the above responsibilities, then believe me, you have a good spouse and you just have to polish the relationship, bringing them to the ideal.

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