Symptoms of love

Sometimes it is difficult for a person to understand his feelings. Love is often confused with sympathy, with the desire to communicate with another person, if not with the fear of loneliness. Usually, it is difficult to understand that love has come to those people who have never experienced anything like this before. But still there are signs by which one can understand whether love has appeared in your life.

Signs of love quite a lot. It is important to understand that each person is individual, and therefore it is impossible to find a universal list of possible behavior of a lover. If one person will be embarrassed and say nonsense, when the object of passion is near, then the other will not show such behavior.

Main symptoms of falling in love

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You idealize a person

As a rule, a man in love does not notice the shortcomings of his chosen one, even if there is no question of a possible relationship. Often, lovers over-react aggressively to criticism of the object of love, without even noticing.

Do you always want to talk about your loved one

If all your conversations with other people sooner or later come to the same person, then it is worth considering whether this is not love. At the same time, it is important to understand that talking about another person may not always be in a positive way. Yet the relationship format love / hate has not been canceled.

Rapid pulse and fever

As a rule, heartbeats and heartbeats increase with people’s favorites. Many also throw in the heat. These signs can not be called mandatory, but most people noticed this at the very beginning of a relationship. This reaction is associated with the release of hormones.

The desire to help in all the object of passion

Sometimes these impulses can be almost suicidal, so you need to sensibly assess their strength and capabilities. As a rule, the desire to impress a possible partner is so strong that a person is willing to spend the last money on the thing that a loved one dreams of. Or a person with a sore back may agree to help the future second half with the move and thus spoil the health even more.

Desire to please in everything

This feature follows from the previous one. The failure to deny something to a particular person often speaks of possible falling in love.

Sudden jealousy

If you have never been a jealous person, but suddenly began to experience similar feelings towards another, then this may be talking about nascent love.

Sex drive

This sign can not be called the most important, because many people may experience sexual attraction exclusively to the bodily shell. However, if the same person visits your fantasies with enviable regularity, it is worth considering. With great probability, sexual desire will talk about easy love. In particular, if this sign appeared first.

Feeling of euphoria

Love is beautiful. That is why many lovers at first feel incredibly happy and sometimes seem even not quite sane people.

Feeling of sadness

Often a man in love and endless sorrow. Usually, euphoria abruptly gives way to sadness, but there’s simply no such thing as an average man in love.

Sense of vulnerability

As a rule, a man in love feels incredibly weak in moral terms. The stronger the love, the stronger this feeling. It turns out this because the lover is dependent on the object of sighing so much that sometimes it comes to absurdity and senseless torment.

How to understand that a man fell in love

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He is trying to touch you

Usually, it is through physical contact that men try to hint at their feelings. When a man is barely familiar with an attractive woman for him, the touches will be disguised as casual. He “accidentally” touches his hand to his beloved, completely “accidentally” sits so close that his breath can be heard. To continue this list can be infinite, but it will be different for each man.

He will always be near

Whether you like it or not, a man in love will do his best to remind himself. Wherever you are, he will definitely be there. Such behavior may even resemble stalking, but men most often do not think about such trifles. A man in love will study your schedule better than his own, but only to constantly flash before your eyes.

If a man falls in love, then it will be a huge blow to him if the woman he loves will forget about his existence for at least a moment.

He will try to look indifferent

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As a rule, this behavior is typical for those who reviewed films or heard plenty of advice from friends. Many men are sure that an indifferent look attracts women, makes them sober up with questions like: “why doesn’t he look at me?” and “why is he so cold with me?”

Unfortunately, men in love do not understand that in most cases women simply do not notice this. It is worth a man a week or two to play in indifference, as he is forgotten and find someone who looks more interested in a relationship.

He will hint that you are only interested in him.

Men are afraid of competition, and this has long become a fact. If a woman has a large choice of men for building relationships, then the most cunning ones will try to prove to the partner that nobody needs her. Such a person will constantly give his beloved woman compromising opponents (often imagined by him), and then will generously take her into his arms when she becomes disillusioned with other possible partners.

As a rule, men who allow themselves to be like this are unsuitable for relationships. It is they who evolve into domestic tyrants and kitchen boxers.

How to understand that a woman is in love

Loud sounds and fake joy

Many women are sure that it is possible to attract the attention of a man by loud conversations with girlfriends, laughing for no reason and constant smile on his face.

Among scientists there is a version that with a loud laugh a woman on a subconscious level shows that she gets pleasure in bed. This view is often played up in movies and TV shows, but this version still looks absurd.

In fact, loud women cause irritation in both men and other women, so you should not use this technique if you do not want to be considered stupid and unable to behave in society.


As a rule, a woman in love is unable to look away from the object of sighing. This is due to the interest to the person and with constant thoughts about him. If a woman meets the gaze with her beloved, then most often hesitates. Some, the bravest women, on the contrary, continue to gaze at the object of adoration in order to hint at feelings.

Surprisingly, men often consider such behavior a manifestation of aggression, and not a sign of love.

Excessive care and obsession

Usually, these signs appear when the woman reported her feelings to her beloved. Such ladies in relationships take on the role of the mother, and the man gets the role of the child. Many women in love try to take care of their partner, but sometimes it goes beyond all limits.

It is worth a man in such a relationship to sneeze, as he immediately stretched a handkerchief, it is necessary to hint that it would be time to go to dinner, as he was given a lunch box with homemade food. At first, such displays of care seem sweet, but over time they cross all the boundaries.

In this way, the woman tries to show her economic and willingness to live together, but the man turns into a helpless child who has found a second mother. Caring for a loved one is always great, but do not forget that he is also an adult and capable person.

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