Richard Gere has another baby

This news really shocked the public: a 69-year-old Richard Gere had a second child. This event was no less unexpected than the marriage of the famous actor with the Spanish journalist Alejandra Silva, who is 33 years younger than him.

Richard Gere has another baby

Love story

Alejandra and Richard met in 2014 in the Italian town of Positano: the Hollywood actor stayed for a few days in a boutique hotel that belonged to the Silva family. At the same time, Gear had little chance of crossing with his future wife, even being under the same roof with her, but fate decided otherwise.

The love story of Richard and Alejandra is like a fairy tale. Future spouses met through a common friend, and literally from the first minute they felt an inexplicable attraction. “We didn’t stop looking at each other the whole evening and haven’t stood apart since then,” Alejandra recalls. “For a long time I have been absolutely happy with this man. He is the most gentle, sensitive, attentive, cheerful and generous person in the world! infinitely in love with him. Every morning he asks what he can do today so that I can be even happier! ”

No less warmly about the young wife responds and Richard Gere. “I am the happiest man in the world! How else? I am married to a beautiful, noble, intelligent, responsive woman. Which, moreover, also cooks amazingly. ”

Family relationships

For the sake of Richard, Alejandra left her native Spain, adopted Buddhism, which Gere professes, and moved to her future spouse in New York. The Spanish entered the new religion wholeheartedly and considers it one of the family values. Until now, she claims that her connection with Kether is karmic, so the lovers had no chance to pass by each other in this life. Now the spouses meditate together, adhere to vegetarianism and contribute to the development of Buddhism on a global level, since Gere has been supporting several such projects. decades in a row.

Richard Gere already has a son, Homer, James Jigme Carey. Even he was once called a “late child”: a boy was born when the star of “Pretty Woman” was 50 years old.

Alejandro Silva also brings up a six-year-old Albert. The woman had a rather complicated relationship with the boy’s father. The divorce of the spouses was extremely difficult and painful, so for a few years Alejandra was not at all ready for a new relationship. However, despite this, the affair with Richard Gere began to spin very swiftly: the Spanish beauty was not embarrassed by either the age difference or the previous loud novels of her American admirer.

Happy event

Close couples are aware of how warm and sincere relations Richard and Alejandra have, so the news about the baby did not come as a surprise to them. What can not be said about the general public: rumors of pregnancy for a long time exaggerated in the press. Various versions were put forward – from surrogate motherhood to foster children. Some even condemned Gere for the decision to become a father at such an advanced age. However, the couple did not pay attention to speculation and gossip, occasionally and very quietly sharing their happiness in social networks.

Neither Alejandra nor Richard for a long time did not give official comments about the pregnancy. The famous actor is known for his manner of hiding privacy. His name can rarely be seen on the front pages of tabloids: he simply gives no sensational news stories, preferring to keep quiet about his personal events. On Alejandra’s Instagram page, her picture “in an interesting position” appeared only when the pregnancy was impossible to hide. On one of the first frames that saw the world, the Dalai Lama puts his hand to the woman’s stomach. According to Alejandra, it was a peculiar blessing of the guru, after which the couple stopped hiding the upcoming happy event.

However, in the last months of pregnancy, Spanish journalism traveled around Europe and the United States and often got into the lens of the paparazzi.

Not surprisingly, the fact of the birth of a common child of Gere and Silva was completely classified. The couple chose to hide the place of the upcoming birth in order to avoid the attention of journalists. The world has learned about the happy event only after the fact. The child of Richard Gere was born February 11, 2019. According to insiders, the actor himself offered to name his son in honor of his beloved wife – Alexander. It is possible that this name will be pronounced in the Spanish manner – Alejandro. The young mother feels great, but is not yet ready to share any pictures of the baby, or any other details about him.

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