How to write lyrics

Do you listen to songs on the radio and understand that there is some kind of incredible nonsense singing there? Do you have something to tell the world about your feelings and experiences? Do you feel a huge creative potential? Do you want to become famous in the music field? In this case, try yourself as a songwriter! If you want to seriously engage in writing lyrics for songs, then follow a few simple steps – and you are guaranteed success.

How to write lyrics


  1. Decide on the topic of the text. I think it is no secret that the most popular are love songs. It is more pleasant and easier to write texts about your own experiences, however, such texts are unlikely to be able to gain popularity, because they are usually too personal and intricate.
  2. Differentiate between texts written for yourself and those written for the general public. If you want your song to storm the tops of the charts, then write about what excites most people, not just you and your friends.
  3. Give the song a good name. To find a good headline, study the names of famous books, films, flick through newspapers and magazines. The name of the famous song should be:
    – unusual;
    – attractive;
    – intriguing;
    – evoking strong feelings.
  4. Create a legend for the song. Remember that a song is a small work of art, which means that it must start somewhere and end with something. The first verse of your song is like introducing the listener to the story you want to tell him.
  5. Take care of polishing the poem. To state your thoughts is not all. Song lyrics should be written correctly, keep the rhyme and rhythm. Edit your text several times to perfect it.
  6. Pay attention to the meaning of your song. Remember that the meaning of the whole text should be integral, one. The listener should immediately grasp the meaning of your song, do not force it to carefully scrutinize the entire text in order to understand what you have written about.
  7. Try to harmonize the mood of the text and the mood of the music, if you have such an opportunity. A song should convey the same mood with both text and melody.
  8. And yet, performing all these steps, remember that the main thing is the feelings that you want to awaken in the listener with your song. If your emotional message is sincere and comes from the heart, and if you have worked well with your lyrics, then your song will surely find its listeners.

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