How to write a rock song

How to write a rock song

– … My girlfriend loves rock! And in connection with this, I want to do something good for her … To bring to a rock concert, for example, or to give a disc with her favorite rock singer or group … but I don’t know what to think of.
– My friend, do not so warm up your brain! Everyone can bring and present, and you prove yourself, show her that you are not like all that you are special, original!
– But how will I do it?
– Write her a rock song.
– But i can not!
– And we will teach you now! ..

You will need

  • – a wish
  • – the ability to write meaningful text
  • – the ability to rhyme
  • – paper
  • – a pen
    (the last two points successfully replace Word on your computer)


  1. There is an opinion that a song is any verse set to music. I hasten to disappoint you: this is far from the case. Not any verse can be put to music. Yes, and not under any verse, you can write music. Everything should be combined. If you approach this issue from a philosophical point of view, then rock is not a meaningless mockery of musical instruments. This is one of the areas of music that lives long enough. First of all, creating a song depends on which style you prefer. You can make a song-story, a song-recognition, a song-reasoning, and the like. This is a long and painstaking work on the text.
  2. Here begins a more interesting story. In this part of the article we will try to do writing music. And I ask you to pay attention to the fact that it is the “writing” of music, and not the “composition”. We write the writing in the classroom when the teacher doesn’t want to mess with us, but here we create, create, and therefore write music.
    Again, the music depends on which style you prefer to play – brute force, fight, solder or slide on the reefs – that’s what. The best option would be to combine different melodies, that is, on the chorus one motive, on the couplet another. This will create a certain variety of musical text and make the song brighter, more colorful, more “juicy.”
  3. And in the conclusion the most difficult – you need to reduce the melody and text. To do this, it is necessary to withstand certain pauses, to accelerate or slow down the pace, to move from one style to another. Often the words will not fall into the music, then you have to work again on the text or on the music, or on both of them at once. When everything is settled, play this song and sing it. It should have a soul, if you write a song with a team, then rewrite it until everyone says “I like it”. Only in this case the song can have the right to success.

Helpful advice

Do not drop the song ever. It did not work the first time – in time it will be thought out, it will be added. Inspiration will come, and you will find some inaccuracies, and be sure to correct them. It is like life. You always have the right to make mistakes.

Not for nothing was said before – “We are the song and build, and helps to live.” And a rock song is also a pleasure from life.

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