How to fight back words

Unfortunately, not so rarely do we have to face in life with frank rudeness. No matter how educated, intelligent, and peace-loving a person you are, sometimes you can’t just ignore Ham or keep him silent. Do you want it or not, but to repel words is often the best and most effective way. Your task is not to drop your dignity and make it so embarrassing for someone who does not know how to behave.

How to fight back words


  1. Be prepared to answer the boor at any moment. To do this, you can come up with a few standard phrases that can make the rowdy feel not very comfortable, because they will attract an unhealthy interest in his person. For example, you can say: “The fact that you live hard is seen with the naked eye, but why are you tearing your anger on me?” Or “It is noticeable that women do not like you, but all I need from you is just a certificate.”
  2. You can besiege the screamer by showing ostentatious participation to him: “Are you yelling like that because you have hearing problems?” Or “When you scream like that, your eyes become red, you will take care of yourself, or you will tear yourself.” It becomes clear to your interlocutor that they are joking and mocking at him, that he did not scare anyone with his scream and just looks stupid.
  3. If you come to work with a new hairstyle or purse and you know that this may cause unreasonable criticism of one of your colleagues, just tell her in reply: “I knew that you would like it, you just don’t know how to hide envy, you need to learn it” .
  4. More difficult, if rudeness allows himself to head. Behave yourself. You can say, “I’m sorry, I’ll leave you now. Call me when we can continue the conversation and we will analyze where I was wrong and where I made a mistake. ”
  5. Never go to higher tones and do not start talking to a boor in his language. Frequently, he is only waiting for this – after all, such a language is close and comprehensible to him, in such conditions of conversation he feels like a fish in water and only expects a similar reaction from you. This tone of conversation translates the conversation to the level of marketplace abuse, but it does not paint you at all.

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