How to clean a laptop keyboard with compressed air

There are many ways to qualitatively, quickly and simply clean the keyboard on a laptop. One of these methods is compressed air. How to use it? In principle, there is nothing complicated. It is enough to purchase a can and do the following.

How to clean a laptop keyboard with compressed air

If you or your family members do not have the habit of regularly cleaning the laptop keyboard, then over time it can become rather dirty. The sebum remaining from the fingers sifting through the keyboard is able to accumulate dust, crumbs and animal hair, which in turn are clogged in the gaps and under the keys. Even if the keyboard is already pretty dirty, there is a way to quickly and easily clean it.

Turn off and completely unplug the laptop before cleaning. If in principle you do not use a laptop and do not know how to turn it off (which is very unlikely, since you are reading this article), then do the following:

  • Shut down the laptop through the menu “Power”;
  • Unplug the power cord from the outlet.

Rotate the laptop with the keyboard down and gently shake or tap it to dislodge the main debris from under the keys. Extracting initially large chips, it will be much easier to perform a more detailed cleaning further.

If you can use a can of compressed air, this is a big plus, because it is he who will come in handy. Before using it, make sure that the spout is securely attached to the spray can. Tilt the laptop in one direction and supply air to the keys in small portions, moving from one side to the other. The power of air is able to push out any, even very small garbage. It remains to wipe the surface of the keyboard with an alcohol or a damp cloth, and the cleaning is completed.

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