How to choose a husband

You have decided that you have already reached a sufficient level of self-realization, and now you want warm family relationships and a home hearth, but do not know by what parameters you should choose your husband?

How to choose a husband


  1. Pay close attention to the potential groom’s family. The fact is that a man is always at a subconscious level will try to build a family in the image and likeness of the one that his parents had. If it is considered normal in his family to hit his wife, then such a man will sooner or later do something similar. Of course, it happens that, for example, in a family of drinking parents a child grows up with an acute dislike for alcohol. But such hostility can affect attitudes towards you. Therefore, always pay attention to what relationships are taken in his family.
  2. Find out how much a man is jealous. Of course, every woman is pleased that a man can jealous of her from time to time, because it means that he values ​​her very much. But constant paranoid persecution, espionage, jealousy attacks do not have the best effect on family life.
  3. Do not choose the exact opposite. Of course, opposites attract. Because to recognize a person who is not like you is an extremely fascinating process. You are interested in a person because he reveals something to you, hitherto unknown to you. However, one fine moment you will definitely understand that you are looking at this person in different directions and you simply have nothing to talk about.
  4. Stop believing in unequal marriages. Of course, there are such unions in which the husband is fabulously rich, and he took his wife from a dysfunctional family, or her husband for seventy, and his wife, twenty, and they are quite happy. But be aware of the fact that these cases are rare. Choose a companion from your own circle, because if you grew up in different environments, if you have different levels of education and outlook on life, in many ways you simply won’t find common ground.
  5. Do not evaluate the man only in appearance. Of course, a woman on a subconscious level stretches to the image of a macho, strong, handsome, handsome, wide-shouldered. But think about how such a macho will raise your children. Can he become a good husband? And a good father?
  6. Try to avoid weak-willed and weak-tempered men. Of course, you shouldn’t go to extremes and choose a man who is ready to set his own orders in the house with his fist. But the person who is easy to manipulate, you definitely do not need. After all, they can be manipulated not only by you, but by anyone who has such a need.
  7. Do not forget that in the world there is also love. Perhaps your man is not perfect, but if you have real bright strong feelings, you can close your eyes to some things.


Husband, friend, boyfriend, beloved – call it what you will, not about stamps in your passport will be discussed. The important thing is that this person will live with you and you may be raising common children. Let’s talk about how to choose a husband in order to avoid at least one or two bitter disappointments in family life associated with not knowing the following rules.

Helpful advice

Parties, girlfriends and noisy cafes fade into the background, letting ahead a keen female gaze, who is looking out for her potential husband among the crowd. So how to do it – choose a husband? And, on the contrary, if a girl chooses her husband not with her heart, but with a cold head, there can be no talk of love or love, an ordinary calculation is on her face. So how do you choose a husband?

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