How to care for knitwear

Knitwear – a material that requires delicate handling. How to extend the “life” of your favorite knitwear?

How to care for knitwear 1


1. Get good quality knitwear. After all, there is no sense to take care of poor-quality knitwear – it will still very quickly lose its good appearance.

2. Wash knitwear, preferably manually and in warm water. And if in the washing machine, then only in the mode of delicate washing. Knitted things do not tolerate friction, twisting and hot water.

3. Do not dry knitwear on hangers and clothespins. This is mostly true for large-knit things – they lose their shape faster than others.

4. The following rule states that such things should be ironed while wet – there is a special steam supply function in irons, use it. In addition, you should turn the thing inside out and use gauze. After ironing the product should cool down in the unfolded form.

5. Keep knitted items folded – so the probability of deformation of the product is less than when storing things on a hanger. If you still choose a hanger, then only with soft hangers. It will not be superfluous to use anti-moth products.

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