How to beat the fear of failure

On the one hand, the fear of failure in rare cases can be useful. For example, such concerns can protect against some risky and dangerous business. On the other hand, constant tension and internal fear negatively affect life and personal development. Still, you should not run this problem, because it is useful to learn how to deal with the fear of failure.

How to beat the fear of failure

At the very beginning of the journey, which leads to getting rid of the problem, it is important to fully realize that attempts to escape from fear, sharp denial and rejection of their fears will only lead to negative consequences. The harder you turn a blind eye to a problem, the more fear of possible failure becomes. However, to fall into a state of complete humility and weak-willed acceptance is also not an option. It is necessary to realize, admit to oneself, that the problem exists, but to find the strength within oneself to solve it. Only in the case of a true desire to defeat the fear of failure will you achieve a result.

Very often, experiences and various fears are illusory. Very often, such a person creates from nothing. Try to understand that this fear is not stronger than you, that it exists only because you yourself allow it to be. The more you avoid failures, deviate from the steps of the comfort zone, the further away from you the victory over the problem.

Try to analyze the whole situation. Thoughtfully look for answers to the question of why this fear has developed specifically for you. What caused her? At what point in time, after which she declared herself? Perhaps your parents didn’t believe in you in your childhood and constantly reproached you, didn’t support any ideas and generally thought that nothing good would come of you? Or was there some kind of stressful, critical moment in the past, after which the fear of failure settled inside? Perhaps the fear of failure arose from the fact that you do not consider yourself a worthy, capable person, because you are sure that any changes will only lead to negativity and problems? Finding the true root cause is extremely important in dealing with any fears.

Working on yourself, smoothly, gradually try to change your views of the world. This may not be easy, but be sure you have the necessary strength and resources. Try to look even at the negative experience from the unfortunate outcome as an experience. Learn from your mistakes, remember, analyze your actions and actions, thoughts and feelings.

Challenge yourself. For at least one month, try not to avoid situations that cause you fear of failure. Accept the idea that the world will not collapse and life will not end if you decide to do something, but it will suddenly be a fiasco. Always remember that success often has the same probability as failure. Do not make plans ahead and set yourself up for unfavorable developments. For thirty days take small steps, do not run from fear and any situations. And then be sure to analyze the results.

Work on your self-esteem and your intrinsic value, if you understand that internal comfort depends strongly on them and how strong the experiences and fears will be.

Do not trample on the spot. If you feel a keen desire to do something, decide on something, listen to your intuition and do not think about every action for a long time. Hesitating, you are just fueling your insecurity, which pulls the fear of a possible negative outcome of the planned business.

Read the biographies of famous and successful people. Very many of them will contain moments in which it is clearly visible that a person did not at one moment become popular and, again, successful. Many wealthy people were just as afraid to take a step, but still decided on this. Many failures, but did not break under them, learning to extract from this benefit and valuable experience.

Start small. It’s impossible to build a whole city in one day. It is impossible for a man who never knew how to draw, in one day to become a professional artist. On the way to the goal, in any case, there will be obstacles and difficulties. It takes time to learn something, to achieve something, to succeed in something. Try not to feed your maximalism, inner impatience or perfectionism.

Do not rush and do not worry for no apparent reason. Gradually, your view of the world will begin to change, you will be able to change your attitude to problems and negative situations, and then the fear of failure will dissolve.

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