How to be wise in a relationship

Most women want to maintain relationships for years to come. But sometimes disputes, quarrels, mutual recriminations make life together unbearable. And only female wisdom will help to avoid “acute angles” and bring love through all the troubles and tribulations.

How to be wise in a relationship


  1. Try to hold back when you want to throw a scandal. Women are very emotional beings. Often they throw a hurricane of emotions on a loved one, and then sincerely regret it. If your goal is to preserve the relationship, then as often as possible appeal to the voice of reason. Think about the tantrums that scare a man away. Remember, the woman – the keeper of the hearth. She should be smart, reasonable, able to turn a blind eye to irrelevant little things.
  2. Do not miss the opportunity to praise your soul mate. For some reason, it often happens that bad things are noticed and commented, while good ones are ignored. Constant grumbling and discontent are not the best companions of life together. Try to notice the useful things your favorite does. And he does not have to do anything heroic, everyday trifles are also work. For example, walking with a dog, washing dishes, going to the store for bread, cooking dinner, help with cleaning, etc. Find a good word for him if he deserves it. So he will understand that you are able to appreciate it.
  3. Give a man some time for his weakness. A rare representative of the stronger sex does not have any hobbies: hunting, fishing, endless car repairs, collecting stamps or other things. If you will at least occasionally express goodness for such a pastime, then definitely arouse respect for yourself. The ability to make concessions is the privilege of wise people who can live not only by their own interests. In addition, in any question you can ask to meet, arguing that you always understand it.
  4. Take care of your loved one. A woman who knows how to cook, to create coziness in the house, to think about the welfare of relatives, usually causes the desire to stay with her for a long time. And the desire to create a strong, friendly family, where loved ones always feel the warmth of each other – this is the right path to wisdom.

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