How does a wise woman after a quarrel

Joint life often reconciles people with deficiencies of their second half and teaches them to react to certain actions. However, this takes time, and if you have not yet learned how to get out of the conflict correctly and avoid its repetition, it is necessary to draw conclusions from each quarrel. Constant tantrums and offenses do not add to the relationship neither love nor passion. Unfortunately, this is the path to destruction.

How does a wise woman after a quarrel

Deal with the inevitable

It is necessary to understand that it is impossible to do without quarrels and omissions at all. It is enough to quarrel with the authorities or be late for a meeting as the irritation begins to accumulate. It is so instituted by the majority of married couples, they are accustomed to be discharged from the accumulated negative at home. To do this, it is enough to find fault with any trifles and a conflict immediately forms. At the beginning of marriage, such quarrels usually end in passionate reconciliation. When the storm of feelings subsided, you need to learn to put up differently.

Remember that you owe nothing to a person who hits you, humiliates or threatens your safety. The same applies to people with alcohol dependence. Your upbringing, exactly like insults, will fundamentally change nothing. It needs to be either treated or put up with.

Reconciliation plan

If you have an ordinary quarrel, do not go in the wake of your emotions, but act like a wise woman. First, decide whether you really want reconciliation. Or the situation has become so painful that you will be better off alone. Answer yourself honestly to this question, because many couples continue to exist together just because of the habit.

Try in any way to avoid a repetition of the conflict. Otherwise, it will look like a sore spot, which you constantly tear off. If the husband is guilty, no longer find fault with him about this. If you were the instigator, analyze your mistakes and do not repeat them again. Need to be able to draw conclusions.

Do not try to go on a truce when your appearance leaves much to be desired. Although you need to keep an eye on yourself all the time, women often forget about themselves. So shake for peace in your family. Of course, changing a figure in a couple of days is impossible. But you can wear a home dress, instead of a bathrobe and use makeup. A woman with hair curlers and a face mask causes more pity than love.

Begin the conversation first. Think in advance of a conciliatory phrase. Choose the right tone. If you do a favor, the quarrel will enter a new phase.

Do not discuss the omissions that led to the conflict. Better tell your husband about your feelings, that you are afraid of losing him and still love.

Show understanding. Tell me that you agree with him in many respects, it’s just difficult to decide something on emotions. Admit it right. But do not go too far, otherwise the man will take the position of the little boy offended by the life.

Put up better in neutral territory, so try to lure her husband out of the house. Show him your love. And if he is not ready to make peace, do not insist. Give him time to make a decision, but avoid offended faces or disgruntled phrases.

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