George and Amal Clooney divorce

For many years, George Clooney was considered one of the most enviable Hollywood bachelors. Amal Alamuddin – beautiful, educated and independent – turned out to be an ideal party for him. Recently, however, rumors and the coming divorce of this famous couple are becoming increasingly common.

George and Amal Clooney divorce 2

Where did the rumors of divorce come from?

At the moment, there is no official information about what is actually happening in the Clooney family. Speculation, rumors, the testimony of insiders – a certain picture emerges from these fragmentary phrases and judgments, but so far we have to doubt its authenticity.

In public, the Clooney couple strongly supports the image of an ideal marriage, although at home everything can be different. In the magazine In Touch Weekly, an article was recently published, stating that George Clooney could possibly become a bachelor again.

They have been married for four years. During this time, the star couple did not give rise to gossip: the paparazzi even bored, so perfect this family seemed. That is why the news of the upcoming divorce of George and Amal is so hard to believe.

“They have been living separately for months and sleeping in separate bedrooms, and this makes marriage too tense,” this statement from “a family friend” was a real shock to the public.

Relationship history

George Clooney was considered one of the most enviable bachelors of the planet. The list of his love victories was huge. Nobody believed that George would ever marry, as he said about it from time to time. Meeting with a successful lawyer and an incredibly beautiful woman Amal Alamuddin turned everything upside down. “When I saw Amal, I fell in love with her so much that I simply could not resist not to make her my wife,” the Hollywood smoothie proudly shared.

George and Amal were married on September 27 at the Aman Canal Grande Hotel in Venice, Italy. The whole world was watching the most beautiful wedding: fans of the actor wanted to believe that it was forever.

George and Amal Clooney divorce

George and Amal became parents of the beautiful twins in June 2017. Since then, young parents have rarely become objects for news occasions. Spouses occasionally appeared at social events, and all their free time was devoted to kids. However, the public rare joint appearances immediately suspicious.

Quite possibly, the couple simply enjoyed life and avoided publicity. On the other hand, there really could be discord in the family, and in order to hide such a state of affairs, George and Amalia decided not to appear at all together.

Possible causes of discord

At the Halloween party in Kazazmigos on October 26 in Beverly Hills, George Clooney came alone and seemed very tired and depressed, and this moment provoked even more speculation. However, the actor periodically refuted gossip, citing stress and lack of sleep.

It is possible that this was one of the reasons for discord in the family. George for many years used to live alone, and now a large family has become too difficult for him. In this case, everyone who knows Clooney closely, talking about his strongest love for kids. According to some reports, George wants to return to Los Angeles with his children, but Amal does not feel the same enthusiasm for the move and wants the family to stay in London.

It is rumored that George and Amal, being very strong and independent personalities, hardly coexist on the same territory, even if it is a huge mansion. This state of affairs does not necessarily mean a divorce. Often, spouses prefer to live this way for many years, protecting their personal space and considering it a major factor in healthy relationships.

If it still comes to a divorce, the prospects for the divorce process are very depressing. Amal is a world-class lawyer, so she will certainly be able to count on an impressive share for herself and her children. Moreover, George has many chances to lose both finances and heirs.

In spite of everything, fans of the actor believe that the situation is normalizing, and one of the most beautiful couples of our time will retain their relationship. And there are good reasons for this.

As soon as rumors of divorce spread, Clooney’s couple began to appear in public. Moreover, reporters recently photographed George and Amal on a romantic date at the Sunset Tower Hotel. The couple talked nicely for several hours, held hands, and then drove together in a taxi. It is unlikely that such behavior they decided to confuse all around: it is possible that this is a real reconciliation.

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