What spices are suitable for fish 1

What spices are suitable for fish

Fish contains essential substances – trace elements and vitamins, which are so necessary for the human body. Therefore, fish dishes are an integral part of our diet. In addition, fish dishes are very tasty and not as heavy as meat. Suitable seasonings for fish Exact and proper use of spices is a subtle culinary art. […]

Lunar New Year 2019 2

Lunar New Year 2019

Chinese New Year 2019 is the main eastern holiday dedicated to the New Year, which has recently enjoyed great love and popularity not only in the East, but also among Europeans. What kind of holiday Chinese New Year 2019, what is its date, history and traditions, find out in our article. Date of the Chinese […]

How to easily plan your day 1

How to easily plan your day

Sometimes it seems that in days there is not enough time for all our plans, however, this is a global misconception. Suffice it to plan all possible things, and you will see that you still have plenty of time left. Few people know how easy it is to regulate their regime when the day is […]

How to care for baby clothes 1

How to care for baby clothes

Children are extremely active and full of energy, and therefore their clothes get dirty very quickly. As a rule, parents try to buy their children t-shirts, dresses, sweaters and blouses made of soft delicate fabrics that do not irritate delicate skin. Care for such products should be with extreme caution. Instruction Clothes for babies in […]