6 Foods Are Rich In Vitamin to Against Virus

Some products have beneficial properties and can improve our immune system. In this article, we will distribute 6 products that can protect our body from various viruses.

1. Soybean: It is rich in protein that is a good choice for those who do not eat meat. Soybean contains unsaturated fatty acids, Phylosterin and Isoflavone, which can prevent heart and blood vessels as well as rich in vitamin B, vitamin E, Folic acid, Potassium, magnesium may help to reduce cholesterol, make blood vessels strong, prevention various diseases occuring when women are menopause age, protect bones and drinking soybean regularly can prevent cancer.

6 Foods Are Rich In Vitamin to Against Virus 1

2. Apple: Apple is rich in vitamins and fiber, potassium, Quercetin, Flavonoids, which help to get rid of free radicals. Apple can prevent heart disease, stroke, lung disease, faint disease, senile dementia, asthma and diabetes.

6 Foods Are Rich In Vitamin to Against Virus 2

3. Hard shell bean: This kind of bean contains high protein and Phytosterin nutrient to lower cholesterol and contains iron, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin B and high food fiber. It helps bowel function well and the consumption of this kind of peanut everyday help to prevent the development of heart disease.

6 Foods Are Rich In Vitamin to Against Virus 3

4. Wheat: Wheat is full of Ferula acids against antioxidant substances Lignan which features is similar to hormones Estrogene and has food fiber, vitamin B and minerals such as phosphorus and potassium that help for heart health strongly, reducing the risk of heart disease 26%, reduce the risk of diabetes, help to prevent colon and reduce cholesterol.

6 Foods Are Rich In Vitamin to Against Virus 4

5. Peppers: It has substances Capsaicin and Carotinoids nearly 40 types and have a substance of Polyphenol, which help cells of the body, especially vitamin C, potassium that prevent muscle aches, cramps (gout) and toothache. It helps to kill bacterial virus, fungal infections, helps to digestion functioning well, there is high anti-oxidation. Although eating peppers can affect the stomach, but it can add energy to the stomach muscles.

6 Foods Are Rich In Vitamin to Against Virus 5

6. Cabbage: cabbage, cauliflower and Broccoli etc. contain high vitamin including vitamin C, potassium, calcium, folic acid, iron and Carotinoids, Glucosinolate substance that is effective as antibiotics medicine, but cooking of those vegetables can lose beneficial nutrients half. So you should eat those in fresh to obtain full nutrients.

6 Foods Are Rich In Vitamin to Against Virus 6

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