3 best personal care apps

According to App Store experts, the past year was held under the slogan “Me time”, which means that the most popular among users of Apple devices have become applications that help care for health. If you still do not have this, then we recommend to download.

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The program will take care of your mental state. She offers to tell about herself, then helps to find a coach, gives an opportunity to communicate with him online, receive advice and help from him. The coach will develop an action plan for you, you will do the exercises and track your achievements in a special schedule. Coach services will cost $ 99 per month. The developers claim that most people complete the program in just 3 months.

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Headspace: Guided Meditation

Pocket meditation instructor will teach you to calm down and focus. Also, the application has such functions as: short meditation (2-3 minutes), thematic meditations, mindfulness lessons from expert Andy Paddikomba, sounds for sleep, emergency help during panic attacks. The program is free and has an Android version.

3 best personal care apps 2

Mend: Self Care For Breakups

Application developers claim that their product will help to survive the pain of loss, breakup of relationships, and serious stress at work. Every day you will need to listen to your feelings, write them in a notebook application, and then get advice on further behavior. Also, the utility contains useful articles and thematic videos, interviews with people who have experienced something similar – such a virtual support group and a personal psychotherapist in his pocket. The program is free.

3 best personal care apps 3

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